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Puppy Plans:

We are expecting puppies in the beginning of January 2018 out of Danish Champion Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre (Willow).

Inquiries are welcome for this litter!





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Puppies on the way - expected time of birth early January 2018!


Brad Pitt and Willow have been dating <3


Willow - DKCH KLBVCH Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre


Brad Pitt - DKJCH, DKCH, NOCH, PLCH, INTCH, KLBCH, KBHV15 Leading Angel�s Gaze At The Stars FP, UHP, KTH-B (CGC-B), KTH-S (CGC-S), KTH-G (CGC-G)


Inquiries are welcome!







I and my dogs are looking forward to having you "visit" us!

Britt Siegstad

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